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Kris Dollimore

dollimore-1-smallGuitariste du groupe légendaire de Rock anglais "The Godfathers" dans les années 80, Kris DOLLIMORE s'est produit sur les principales scènes de la planète dont le Royal Albert Hall de Londres, le Budokan de Tokyo et a été reçu par les principales télévisions lors des tournées successives du groupe. Depuis, il poursuit une carrière acoustique en solo, préférant aujourd’hui les petits lieux aux grands espaces du passé pour mieux partager sa musique avec le public.
Sept albums sont à son actif dont "Now Was The Time", comportant de splendides compositions instrumentales.
Kris DOLLIMORE c’est une voix et une maîtrise instrumentale parfaites pour un blues envoûtant !



During a career in music, spanning four decades, Kris has graced some of the world's greatest stages and has played with many international bands and artists.
These include The Godfathers, The Damned, Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Thunders, Adam Ant and Del Amitri. His guitar skills have always been admired, in whichever genre he has played. Now those skills are honed to perfection and they need to be. He has chosen a field where his playing is at it's most exposed. A man, a guitar and sometimes a voice. No room for error and nowhere to hide. With largely an acoustic repertoire, a fair portion of that being instrumental, in the vein of John Fahey and Jack Rose, precision playing is expected and delivered.
Kris took the decision to perform as a solo artist 11 years ago and has toured relentlessly, travelling the UK and Europe, earning a hard core following of loyal fans which is growing by the day. This is backed up by the success of his first three albums, "02/01/1978", "Now Was The Time" and "No Ghosts In This House", which all received great reviews from the music press, both at home and abroad.
His fourth album 'All Grown Up' has just been released and is attracting the same positive interest as it's predecessors.
In the past year Kris has started work on a band line up, to sit alongside his solo work. The first few gigs have been great and have been rewarded with a fantastic response. Kris burns with a passion for his music and wants to bring it to as many people as possible.
If you know him from his past life, don't fear change. Follow Kris down new roads and you'll feel all the richer for it.